Virgins Saints & Angels

Virgins Saints & Angels
Min: $0 Max: $550

Feather Earrings In Gold and Clear

Embody the Ancient Huichol Tribe


Queen Of The Night Cuff In Gold and Clear

Queen of the Night: Huichol Collection


Grazie E Recevuto Charm In Silver

Sounds like Love to Me.


Attitude Is Everything Charm Necklace

This Virgins, Saints & Angels Attitude Is Everything Charm Necklace is a special edition, support Breast Cancer Awareness and wear it with pride. A portion of the proceeds from Shady And Katie, went to


San Benito Oval Cuff In Gold

Collectable VSA jewelry is handcrafted luxury pieces, infused with romance & magic. With a unique blend of old school charm and gothic design influence, incorporating symbols of protection and good fortune. VSA creates unique statement pieces that are bo


M Crystal Rosary In Rose Gold & Powder Clear Crystal

M stands for Miraculous - It represents faith and the power of trusting intent. Its greatest miracles are those of patience and forgiveness. The Virgins, Saints and Angels M Crystal Rosary features the M medallion is silver. The medallion is set in Rose